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Whether you’ve dreamt of the ‘selling sunset’ life, always wanted to get into estate agency or are currently in the industry and hoping to develop your knowledge then you’ve landed in the right place.


Kicking off this Summer, the 90-day KW Academy will give you skills,
know-how, and accreditations to start your own successful estate agency business here in the UK. 

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When was the last time you invested in yourself?
You don’t need previous experience to join the course and take the first step
in achieving a life by design. It’s time to discover there really is ‘more to life than this’ through business ownership. But hurry, this Academy is only for those with grit, determination and desire to succeed – and only has exceptionally limited places.

Created by Keller Williams UK.

The world’s largest training & technology company.

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56+ countries


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Courses on KW University totalling 100+ hours of content


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All Stars

You’ll be learning from the best and brightest the industry has to offer – the Keller Williams All Stars!

Ready. Set.

Take the first step for only £995+VAT. Here’s what Keller Williams Academy can do for you…


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By the end of the programme you’ll receive all the certifications you need to become an Estate Agent, including DISC profiling to understand your strengths as an entrepreneur.

On Demand


20 on-demand modules with workbooks to complete, designed especially by KWUK.


Live Lectures

12 live training calls providing key information and advice for that week’s task. Join the call every Monday from 7pm – 9pm with other students from the course, as well as your coach.



One year’s access to KWUK’s online learning platform to continue your professional development and access to student groups to network with your peers.


Task-based Learning

Weekly tasks to be completed at a time that suits you. Equating to five hours of work per week, the course can be completed alongside a 9-5 job.



12 weekly support clinics – an opportunity to ask your coach any questions you have about this week’s task. These take place from 12pm – 1pm every Friday.

In the first section of the KW Academy together we’ll…

  1. Understand the principles and importance of following proven models to achieve success
  2. Understand the process of growth from the perspective of a Business Owner using the cashflow quadrant
  3. Understand the culture, value and resources of KW and their contribution to each Agents value proposition
  4. Understand the main factors affecting the supply and demand of the property market
  5. Understand the foundational principles of the Estate Agency Act 1979
  6. Understand the main regulatory bodies for Estate Agents in the UK
  7. Understand the different types of Agency Agreements and the Agents role within these contracts
  8. Understand the tax requirements for property sales within the UK
  9. Understand the key elements of a protected characteristic within Estate Agency
  10. Understand the requirements of the six core competencies of a business
  11. Understand the Agents responsibility as a Fiduciary Agent to their clients
  12. Understand the key principles involved in a creating a value proposition for your business
  13. Understand the top ten service areas offered by an Agent for buyers and sellers


In the second section of the KW Academy together we’ll…

  1. Understand the foundational components of lead generation for Real Estate business
  2. Understand and apply the lead generation model to prospecting and marketing activities
  3. Understand the key principles of communication and how to utilise this for client relationship management
  4. Understand how to utilise your sphere of influence when growing a business
  5. Understand the main factors involved with categorising your leads within a CRM database
  6. Understand the process of capturing leads using social media
  7. Understand the nuances and benefits of Agent to Agent referrals
  8. Understand the common elements of geographical farming and hosting client events
  9. Understand the function of referrals and importance of reputation when acquiring leads
  10. Understand the key principles of the four laws of a database
  11. Understand how to utilise testimonials and reviews to secure more business
  12. Understand how to conduct client relationship calls
  13. Understand GDPR and the main factors to consider when communicating with leads


In the third section of the KW Academy together we’ll…

  1. Understand the key principles of the life of a lead and converting a lead into an appointment
  2. Understand the recommended systems to communicate with your database
  3. Understand and design your annual touch points into a campaign
  4. Understand the key concepts surrounding post lead follow up
  5. Understand how to utilise the six connecting questions to capture, connect and cultivate leads
  6. Understand how to craft a message using MOFIRS
  7. Understand the process of qualifying buyers and sellers
  8. Understand the common elements of how buyers and sellers choose their Agent
  9. Understand the benefit of ‘time on task over time’
  10. Understand and create a lead follow up touch plan
  11. Understand how to follow up with unconverted listing appointments and withdrawn listings
  12. Understand how to undertake the pre call and necessary criteria for qualification of clients
  13. Understand how to create a comparative market analysis (CMA) and property report
  14. Understand the principles of applying data to inform pricing strategy for property valuations


In the final section we cover…

  1. Understand the purpose, contents and key clauses within a Terms of Business document
  2. Understand the purpose and contents of a pre listing pack
  3. Understand the various types of Landlords within the market
  4. Understand the fundamentals of the Lettings processes and necessary compliance for Landlords
  5. Understand the various service levels of a lettings business
  6. Understand the key principles of the Listing Appointment process and managing client expectations
  7. Understand how to deliver an impactful, client focused and successful listing appointment
  8. Understand and be able to apply the seven close tactics when asking for the business 
  9. Understand how to handle objections during a Listing Appointment and the nuances of questions vs objections
  10. Understand AML procedures and how to carry out an AML check on clients
  11. Understand the best practices of how to conduct viewings including open houses on a property listing
  12. Understand the path of negotiation and the three p’s approach
  13. Understand the key milestones of sales/ lettings deal progression
  14. Understand the flow of money and how to maximise profit within your business
  15. Revisit  course learnings and plan for your future including personal and professional development

Enabling you to succeed

Our Academy covers learnings in sales, lettings and most importantly business ownership – providing a complete overview of what it means to be a real estate entrepreneur.

Centred around you and your life

Whether you’re working, juggling children or enjoying a well earned holiday with our on-demand learning content the Academy works around you.

Global leaders in our industry

With industry experts across the globe supporting the development of the KW Academy, we’re proud to be sharing learnings which are reflected upon from a worldwide perspective and made relevant to the UK marketplace.

is on . . .

Your life transformation starts this summer, you have until the week before to secure your space – we have exceptionally LIMITED spaces for this real estate Academy.


Frequently asked questions



The course lasts for 90 days. Each week there is a two hour training call, from 7pm – 9pm on Mondays, and around 5 hours of task-based e-learning that can be completed weekly, at a time that suits you.

A range of recorded lectures and seminars will provide the information required to complete the e-learning modules. Once completed, you’ll receive a score for each module that’s visible within the KW Academy learning platform.

A weekly Q&A session takes place with coaches between 12pm and 1pm every Friday. You’ll also be added to social media groups alongside your peers, so you can network and receive support from your peers. You’ll also meet everyone at the in-person launch day, and graduation day at the beginning and end of the programme.

The choice is yours! We’d love you to join the KW family but understand that everyone has their own journey, and we appreciate being part of it.

As soon as the programme is finished, you’ll have all the information and certification you need to start up your own Estate Agency Business. Upon graduation you’ll be offered two options to start putting your new skills into practice: become a solo agent with a Keller Williams Market Centre or become a Team Agent within an existing team. And then the fun begins!

You can connect with your peers on each course via a dedicated social media group, details for which will be shared at the beginning of the course. In more general terms, we encourage participants to use LinkedIn to connect with their fellow students and the wider Keller Williams community.

KWUK (Keller Williams UK) is the UK arm of global company,
Keller Williams – the world’s largest real estate franchise and technology company. Keller Williams enables agents across the world to run their own estate agency businesses, offering larger commissions and more control than the industry standards. For more information, visit

As a consumer, if you change your mind about participating in the KW Academy, you have 14 days from entering into a service contract in which you can cancel it. This right under the Consumer Contracts Regulations applies regardless of whether the course will be taken online or in person. Where you have paid for your course 14-days or less prior to the launch of the training, you will be be liable to cover up to 80% of the training fee. Once the course has commenced and access provided to the materials no refund will be processed.

The material provided is to be used for your own personal learning and launching of a real estate business, the content should not be shared, distributed, edited or repurposed. Keller Williams UK retains all rights and claims to copyright in relation to this material.

Whilst the weekly live calls are for the purposes of supporting your learning, development and experience these are not seen as mandatory. However, the initial launch events in London and Glasgow are critical to your learning experience.

Sound good?

Fill out your details below and click register my place. A member of our dedicated support team will be in touch within the following day to register your place in our course. 

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